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Apartments boasting heritage and industrial tones


B. Wilson Building - 536 Herald Street


Heritage restoration – Old town apartment rentals.

A contemporary rental apartment infill project located in the heart of Victoria's Old Town.


3 level cold storage warehouse converted into 24 units of rental housing with retail on main floor and a new commercial addition to the rear of building with a full seismic upgrade throughout.


The Biggerstaff Building - 532 Herald Street


Award winning heritage restoration – Old town apartment rentals.


In the 1901 Richard Biggerstaff Wilson hired the noted architectural firm of Hooper and Watkins, to design the Biggerstaff Building, a warehouse and office complex at 532 Herald Street.


On the west side of the building he emblazened a large sign: Wilson Bro's Wholesale Grocers. In 1989 Le Fevre and Co. bought the disused Wilson Bros. building from David Wilson and converted it into thirty-one, seismically upgraded, loft style suites, with commercial space on the ground floor, within the original, re-strengthened outer framework.

The Biggerstaff suites proved an instant success attracting renters to the building's proximity to downtown Victoria, the enormously high ceilings, the huge wooden pivot windows, the exposed brick walls, the natural wood floors and the incorporation of period materials such as massive re-cycled timbers from an old bowling alley in Esquimalt.

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